Participants and Funding

Dr Paul Schuurman, project director of the Digital Locke Project, took his doctoral degree in 2000 at Keele University with a text-critical edition of John Locke’s Of the Conduct of the Understanding under the supervision of Prof. G.A.J. Rogers. Paul Schuurman and Jonathan Walmsley are currently editing vol. III of the Drafts for the Essay concerning Human Understanding, and other Philosophical Writings of ‘The Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke’. This volume will also include the Conduct. Since 2000 Schuurman has worked at the History Section of the Department of Philosophy of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, chaired by Prof. Wiep van Bunge. In 2003 Van Bunge and Schuurman submitted a project proposal to the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO): ‘John Locke’s Drafts for the Essay, A pilot study towards an XML-encoded database for the simultaneous presentation of scholarly text editions online and in print.’ The application was granted, providing the Digital Locke Project with funds between 2004 and 2008 and enabling the execution of the first stage of the Digital Locke Project, i.e. editing the post-1689 material for the Essay.

The technical aspects of the Digital Locke Project have been taken care of by Ivo Geradts and Johannes Rustenburg of TAT Zetwerk (development of a project-specific DTD, with Paul Schuurman; conversion from TEI format into TeX format; development and documentation of TeX macro package; typesetting of Drafts, vol. III); by Renze Brandsma, Caspar Treijtel and Hans Scholte of the Digital Production Centre (DPC) of the library of the University of Amsterdam (development of the web server and hosting the database); and by Paul Schuurman (development of a project-specific DTD, with TAT; tagging, i.e. filling the database with transcriptions of the relevant manuscripts and text-critical information). TAT Zetwerk has a wide experience in digital text typesetting and document conversion and encoding. TAT specializes in critical text-editions, and has produced a variety of editions for a variety of publishers. The Digital Production Centre of the University Library offers scientists and knowledge organizations support to create, make available and store electronic publications and databases.

The participants in the project would like to thank Prof. G.A.J. Rogers, Prof. M.A. Stewart, Prof. J.R. Milton, Dr Jonathan Walmsley, Prof. Victor Nuovo, Prof. Wiep van Bunge, Dr Sami-Juhani Savonius-Wroth, Prof. Luisa Simonutti, Mr John Attig, and Prof. Jean-Michel Vienne for their invaluable remarks, suggestions and corrections.